Nano X


Contains 1200 total milligrams of CBD + 400mg of CBG. Absorb more and waste less!

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We’ve added CBG extract for even more benefits!

Feel the enhanced bioavailability of this Nano-Liposomal Extra Strength CBD heavy hemp supplement.  Our full spectrum hemp extract contains more than just CBD, there are naturally occurring terpenes and other key cannabinoids that all work synergistically for enhanced benefits.  This product contains 1200mg of CBD and 400mg of CBG per bottle.

  • May help regulate mood
  • May help promote gut health
  • May help reduce inflammation
  • May help promote homeostasis
  • May help relieve anxiety
  • May regulate sleep
  • May help fight addiction
  • May prevent neurodegeneration
  • And much more…

Ingredients: Distilled Water, MCT Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Rich Hemp Extract*, Sunflower Lecithin, CBG Extract*, Vanilla Extract, and Lemon Oil.

*Extracted from the aerial parts of US grown industrial hemp.

We use a full spectrum crude extract in our CBD products, which can result in a slight taste variation from batch to batch. Crude extracts keep more of the original plant composition in tact and have a more earthy taste. 

Suggested Use: Start with .25mL twice daily every day, slowly increase dosage after 3 weeks (if need be). Can be taken sublingually or in a small glass of water. 30mL bottle.

When taking, avoid touching dropper directly on tongue or other parts of the mouth. This will help ensure that bacteria does not get into the bottle.

Please consult your physician before starting any new supplement program. If you are pregnant and/or breast-feeding, please consult a physician before use.